Introducing RugMate, a GSHK Holding Company.  We’re the premier and the expert in under carpet heating using carbon fiber, and other specialty heating product solutions for business and residential applications.

Only RugMate employs Solutionists, business environment specialists, who follow ADPAT, an industry-leading, consultative protocol, prescribing the most technically superior, turnkey solutions for those we serve with offices and manufacturing in Germany, Brazil, China and Africa.

Passionately we supply precision products for home, office, businesses, and industries, yet purposefully, we make a single recommendation, achieving five performance essentials, or your specific objectives, within any given habitat: 

Safety, Cleanliness, Health, Comfort & Convenience, and Productivity.

We are a composite technology company providing heat where its needed instantly.

With our partners we provide next generation heating technology by Active Carbon Fiber that is UL, CE and EL certified.

It’s not about selling a product; it’s about solving the right problem.

While our customers take on everyday life, we make everyday life

Better, Healthier, Cleaner, and Safer,

by creating more effective and efficient heating under your feet.

Yes, we incorporate the latest technologies, carbon fiber innovations, and ergonomic materials, but we also practice an old world form of human connection, care, and respect; 

we practice the lost art of listening 

– to every customer’s story; with energy, with effort, with attention, we listen industriously. After all, our most important asset is our customer, and our most asset, is the art of listening to them.


You can try a RugMate risk free at any of our participating partners across the globe.